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Ideas to Invoices

Aug 31, 2017

Chris Burney is the executive director of the San Antonio Angel Network, founded in 2016. 

Previously, he was a manager and senior financial analyst for Rackspace, the San Antonio-based Web hosting company. He also worked as an analyst for Thomson Reuters, J.P. Morgan and as a summer associate for Sterling Stamos, a...

Aug 23, 2017

Ben Dyer is a well-known entrepreneur in Atlanta and Austin who founded Peachtree Software in 1978. 

He ran that company until 1981 when it sold to Altanta-based Management Science America, shortly before the debut of the IBM PC. Peachtree Software was one of the original software programs to run on the IBM PC.  


Aug 8, 2017

Chris Treadaway founded Polygraph Media in 2011. The company, based at WeWork at the Domain in Austin, has 10 employees and it focuses on Facebook advertising for large customers like McDonalds and Cheddars. 

Previously, Chris worked as group product manager of Web strategy at Microsoft. And he was a founder of...