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Ideas to Invoices

Aug 23, 2017

Ben Dyer is a well-known entrepreneur in Atlanta and Austin who founded Peachtree Software in 1978. 

He ran that company until 1981 when it sold to Altanta-based Management Science America, shortly before the debut of the IBM PC. Peachtree Software was one of the original software programs to run on the IBM PC.  

Dyer then launched Comsell, an interactive media company, which he sold to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Next, he founded Intellimedia, which created CD-ROMs focused on sports education. In 2015, he was a founder of a Georgia-based life sciences corporation.

In addition to being a technology startup founder and executive, Dyer has also been a bank president, a venture capitalist and he has served as a mentor to numerous startups.

Today, Dyer is an entrepreneurial advisor at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also an advisor to Polygraph Media, a data-science driver Facebook Marketing Partner, based in Austin. 

He is also the author of TechDrawl, a blog about the technology industry. He is currently writing a book based on his experiences.

Dyer also has strong ties to Georgia Tech. He graduated from there with a BIE degree and he also earned an MBA from Georgia State University. He has been president of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and Chairman of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, where he remains an emeritus member of the board. He has also received the Joseph Mayo Petit Alumni Distinguished Service Award and was inducted in 1998 as the 14th member of Georgia's Technology Hall of Fame.