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Ideas to Invoices

Mar 9, 2017

Bob Metcalfe is an Internet pioneer, Ethernet inventor, 3COM founder, former venture capital partner with Polaris Partners in Boston, former pundit and publisher with InfoWorld and now professor of Innovation at the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. In this interview, he discusses how he invented Ethernet and founded 3Com.


Just so know: We recorded this interview at Galvanize in the 2nd Street District in downtown Austin and construction workers were creating a cafe on the first floor. We were in a conference room on the fourth floor, but you can still occasionally hear the buzzing of the construction workers below. Just wanted listeners to know what that sound is. Also, the first couple minutes of the interview are not in stereo because I had to use the backup recording from my iPhone. But after that it goes back to stereo recording. The interview is really good so please listen.