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Ideas to Invoices

Sep 26, 2018

Eric Bear is the founder and CEO of Austin’s MONKEYMedia, an award-winning, independent R&D lab. Its patent portfolio includes in-house inventions that date back to 1992 and are incorporated in more than 184 million movies distributed on DVD & Blu-ray.

Bear has over 30 years experience crafting and establishing user experience strategies for major corporations and is the first-named inventor on over 100 software and hardware patents and patent applications. Products based on his inventions are used every day by millions of people and thousands of companies. 

Bear is also a partner at Capital Factory. He is a mentor and investor in Austin startups. He is also the Chief Experience Officer at Curb, a smart home startup that sells and intelligent energy monitoring system.

In this episode, Bear talks about MONKEYMedia's latest innovation called BodyNav, which uses body-based navigation techniques to address motion sickness in virtual reality, augmented reality, telepresence, and drone piloting.