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Ideas to Invoices

Jul 28, 2017

Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp, are general partners of True Wealth Ventures, a $20 million venture capital fund based in Austin and focused on investing in women led companies in the sustainable consumer and consumer health industries.

Jul 21, 2017

John Price is the CEO of, and before that he worked as a marketing executive at Between Markets, which sold to Inovis. He is also a Trilogoy alumni and spent 11 years as vice president of marketing and business development there. He was critical to the company‚Äôs growth from $0 to $250 million in revenue....

Jul 6, 2017

Michael Girdley is an entrepreneur and investor from San Antonio.

He also worked as a programmer in Silicon Valley and he earned a computer science degree with honors from Lafayette College. He is also the author of several books on Java programming with a focus on web applications

Michael served as the CEO of his...