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Ideas to Invoices

Sep 8, 2017

Chris Saum and Teresa Evans are partners in the RealCo Seed Fund Program, based at Geekdom in San Antonio.

They oversee the admissions, mentoring, training and fundraising process for business to business technology startups in the portfolio. The program accepts startups on a rolling basis through applications on its website and other sites. Saum also regularly travels to recruit new startups. 

The 15-month long program focuses on providing networking, capital, mentors and other resources to early stage startups. The program is currently accepting applications.

Startups in the program have the ability to receive up to $125,000 in funding, co-working space at Geekdom, access to investors, mentorship and other training.

Michael Girdley, co-founder of Codeup and co-founder of Geekdom Fund, is heading up the RealCo team along with Evans, co-founder of San Antonio Science and associate director of the San Antonio Angel Network and Saum, co-founder and director of business development of MUD Geochemical.

In this episode of Ideas to Invoices, Saum and Evans discuss the attributes they look for in an entrepreneur, the path to success in the SeedCo program and more about the growing San Antonio technology industry.